Everywhere. We organize this type of lecture in various public spaces, libraries, cultural centers, movie theatres… or we come at the invitation of a host. In these lectures, Davor Rostuhar tries to be educational and give encouragement, but also to entertain a little, since it is a public performance. The smallest lecture he held was at a tiny library in the town of Sali on Dugi otok island, where not even 10 people can fit, but 20 crammed in. The largest lecture so far was in the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall in Zagreb, where we had a full house for two days in a row, 3200 people in total.


Davor Rostuhar gets invited to give lectures by both private and public schools. He was also invited by the Ministry of Education to give lectures all over Croatia, from small towns in neglected regions to the largest cities. Sometimes they take place in classrooms of 10-20 students, and sometimes in halls where the entire school gathers. Davor puts a special emphasis on education. He packs various educational material into exciting stories from the adventures to the remotest parts of our planet. He enjoys the privilege of being listened to with great interest even by students who are usually least attentive.