Motivational lectures are held by Davor Rostuhar mostly for business people – at conferences, symposiums, team buildings, at the offices… He usually addresses board members and managers, sales and marketing people, but he also talks to people at different functions and various professions – from auditors and bankers to sports workers and soldiers. They are usually most interested in one aspect of Davor’s portfolio – how he managed to reach the South Pole, walking for 47 days through the most extreme landscape in the world, all alone, without any support.

That was the main goal of the project ‘Polar Dream’ – to explore what a person needs to do in order to reach an ambitious goal, to make their dreams come true. To find that out, Davor set a goal for himself that was far out of his comfort zone, at the end of the world, at the South Pole – and he observed his own process through the challenge that was primarily psychological: how to overcome obstacles, defeat fears, and get through a crises. Everything he has learned, and which could be applied to any business or life venture, he shares with those interested in the intense motivational lecture.

If you would like for Davor to give a lecture at your space, club, school, company… please contact Valerija (contact) for booking and reservations.