Davor Rostuhar – Ljubav oko svijeta

Ljubav oko svijeta
author: Davor Rostuhar

Croatian edition

Book ‘Ljubav oko svijeta’ by author Davor Rostuhar is the newest publication by KEK.

After Anđela and Davor married, they set out on a remarkable honeymoon—traveling for a year around the world while exploring love in a vast array of cultures. Their journey took them across six continents and 30 countries, from Bushmen in the African savanna to urban couples in the world’s biggest metropolises, from traditional polygamous harems to modern polyamorous communities, from hunter-gatherers deep in the Amazon rainforest to indigenous tribes on the idyllic shores of the Pacific, from those who have never found love to those who have, in love, found everything. They spoke with renowned scholars and, faced with daunting challenges, also analyzed their own relationship, all to discover the true nature of love and whether it is universal. What they came up with, in the words of editor Kruno Lokotar, is “a book that heals with love and aspires to heal love.”



Have you ever wondered why we fall in love? What is the background of the human ability and need for love? Is love something stronger than cultural norms or something entirely shaped by society?

‘Love Around the World’ by the author Davor Rostuhar will take you on an inspirational journey – from different scientific notions of love through intriguing personal stories, offering an unique view on the evolution, the origin and the development of the concept of love throughout history, taking in account its different forms as well as its’ social and personal significance.

An intimate essay, a travel diary and an ethnographic study – all in one, this book presents an inspirational exploration that takes readers on a passionate journey through different aspects of the meanings that love has in todays’ world.

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Croatian edition
400 pages
173 photographs
Hard binding
Dimensions: 24×17 cm

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