Polar dream

A 3-year project with the aim of getting to know and documenting the last traditional cultures of the Arctic and the impact of climate change on the life in the North; the first Croatian expedition to the South pole.

  • The expedition to the Nenet nomadic people in the Siberian north and following their migration across the frozen Ob river
  • The visit to the traditional Inuit community in north-west Greenland and following the last kayaking hunters who hunt narwhals with harpoons
  • Documenting the Saami people in the north of Norway
  • The first Croatian exhibition to the South Pole – 1138 km on foot, unsupported and unassisted

Active Africa

A five-month journey from Zagreb to Togo (West Africa) on a motorbike in 2011, and an eight-month journey from Zagreb to Cape Town (East Africa) on a motorbike in 2013. In this project, Davor documented indigenous peoples (the Dogon and Hadzabe peoples, etc) and African wildlife, such as endangered mountain gorillas. The project also had a humanitarian aspect, as Davor and his partner visited local NGOs, fundraising money for several causes, such as saving mingi (cursed) children in Ethiopia, the rehabilitation of former child soldiers in Uganda, etc.


Three months spent in the most remote areas of western Papua in Indonesia; 23 days in Bolivian Amazonia; expedition in an area where no man has ever stepped foot; the search for jaguars 820 km up the Sepik river and a 270 km walk through the jungle in the remotest part of Papua New Guinea, 52 days away from civilization

The passage through the pristine jungle in Madidi Park in Bolivia, on foot and on a raft, 34 days, 450 km

The discovery of an ancient cave with archaeological remains in Guatemala, used by the Maya peoples more than 2000 years ago

Rowing down the San Pedro river in Guatemala, two weeks, 150 km

Other expeditions

  • Snowman Track – 320 km and 21-day long Bhutan expedition, on foot
  • The climb to the tallest volcano in the tropics, the 6425 m Coropuna
  • Climbing Mont Blanc (4807 m) and an unknown peak in western Tibet (6012 m)
  • Walking in the Himalayas to the isolated Mustang Kingdom, one month, 250 km
  • Journey by bicycle from Zagreb to Egypt, 10 months, 8000 km