Hadza Tribe in Tanzania

One of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes in the world.

The first Croatian VR documentary film

A new, fully immersive form of storytelling that teleports to a distant world.

A book that explores its own limits

A universal story about the balance between man and nature, man and society.


After researching key locations, communities and hunter-gatherer stories around the world, Davor Rostuhar spent three weeks in Tanzania in March 2023 with members of the Hadza tribe, returning there ten years after their first encounter in 2013.

Following the daily life of the Hadza tribe and echoing with their beautiful click language, this VR 3D documentary gives us the opportunity to better understand the social and ecological aspects of hunter-gatherer life, raising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and authentic cultural heritage. However, this is not just a new and innovative anthropological-travel story, but a real virtual journey that offers viewers a unique and exclusive opportunity to teleport to a distant world unknown to them!

VR film 'Hunter-Gatherers'

Making of

See how the first Croatian VR film, ‘Hunter-gatherers’ by Davor Rostuhar, was created. Peek behind the scenes of an expedition to one of the last tribes that still live today the way humans lived 99% their evolution!


Davor Rostuhar – Hunter-Gatherers (ENG)

Hunter-Gatherers author: Davor Rostuhar The book 'Hunter-Gatherers' by author Davor Rostuhar is the newest publication by KEK. From the time the genus Homo separated from other primates on the evolutionary tree two million years ago, until just a few thousand years ago, all humans were hunter-gatherers. Over this hunter-gatherer period, by far the longest for our species, our hardware and sof...

Multimedia Lecture

A glimpse into the life of hunter-gatherers is an exclusive opportunity that new generations will never be able to experience again.

During the million years of evolution of our species, more than 99% of the time, humans were hunters and gatherers. During that time, our “hardware” and “software” evolved.

There are still a few tribes that live in this manner. Meeting them reveals a deep story about human nature and is full of lessons: how to live in harmony with nature and in harmonious society.

Davor Rostuhar’s multimedia lecture on Hunter-Gatherers educates, inspires and encourages you to question the world and yourself.