KEK was formed in 2003 by a group of enthusiasts with the goal of exploring the world, writing about far away cultures, photographing interesting customs and people, and finally showing and presenting all that in the form of lectures and exhibitions. Since 2003, KEK has done a series of successful travel and photography projects such as ‘Love Around the World’, ‘Polar Dream’, ‘National Geographic – Croatia from Above’, ‘Around the World in Half an Hour’, and ‘Active Africa’, about which you can read on our website.

We dream, travel, explore, write, take photos, and tell stories through different lectures, which we count in the hundreds! Our member and President, famous adventurist, travel writer, and photographer Davor Rostuhar published eight books, more than 200 reports, and 10,000 photographs in various newspapers and magazines such as National Geographic Croatia, Meridijani, Geo, etc. We visited 260 schools in which we tried to present the world as we see it – as an amazing, colorful, unique place in the Universe, full of beautiful people and customs, a place of a diverse cultural and natural heritage.

The goals of our projects are: to INSPIRE – to show all the wonders and diversity of the world and of Croatia, especially the culture and nature; to EDUCATE – to emphasize how important this diversity is for the health of our Planet, and how fragile it is; and to MOTIVATE – to encourage and move people to make their dreams come true and to help others fulfil theirs, to actively take part in the community and in creating a healthier, happier world.

Our team

Davor Rostuhar

The founder and current president of KEK who travels to the remotest parts of the world, writes, takes photographs, and gives lectures on everything he has learnt. He is KEK’s main creative and moving force. Davor loves faraway countries and has traveled through 117 so far. He likes mountains, inspiring people and omelet with everything. He doesn’t like to lose time and is impatient. He came up with all of his great projects and made all the great decisions while walking. You can read more about him here.

Anđela Rostuhar

Since relatively recently, Davor’s wife, an unofficially executive director of the Universe. Since she joined the team in 2014, she has been managing all KEK projects, from funding to execution and communicating the tiniest details. In the latest project ‘Love Around the World’, she gave it a shot at writing, directing, editing, and other film jobs and excelled at it! This project revealed her love for film, so we are eager to see how genius her next projects will be.

Valerija Povalec

After working in a turbulent corporate setting for 15 years, Valerija decided to try her luck in the non-profit sector and join our small team. Her long-time experience in the marketing world helps us find sponsors for our projects and decode various phrases we have never heard before.

Paula Brečak

A recent Sociology graduate who, after years of studying and living abroad, decided to come back to Croatia, wanting to do something she truly believes in. She quickly joined KEK where she works on research, projects, and offering new generations’ perspective.

Ružica Rostuhar

Ružica handles accounting, papers, and all the other things we are unfamiliar with. She decodes all laws and regulations and warns us of deadlines. The list of travel orders she issued in her volunteering career here at KEK is truly long.

Marijan Rostuhar

The master of packaging and delivery, also known as Mr. Kek in post offices all over Zagreb. He has been volunteering in KEK since he officially retired in 2013. We are proud to say that thanks to him, a hundred percent of books reach the customer not only on time, but even earlier.