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From the moment we got engaged and set a wedding date, we began to think about the reasons we chose one another. What was so special about this relationship that we decided to spend our lives together? Would our love be the same if we were born in another time or at another place? What is love exactly? Driven by those questions, we decided to embark on a one year journey around the world to research whether love, one of the highest values in our lives, is universal, or it is completely conditioned by the circumstances around us. In the past year, we traveled to 25 countries over five continents and collected more than 100 interviews with different couples and individuals, all of them sharing their thoughts on love, relationships, marriage, divorce…

Deep in the Indian Himalayas we talked with couples in polyandric marriages (where women has more husbands); we interviewed couples in the same-sex relationships in Iran, country where homosexuality is illegal; in Amazonas, Matis people explained how poligamy was the best way to preserve their culture after Western disease killed roughly a third of their population; in Kenya, Samburu women explained how they decided to create a ‘Women only’ village after being in violent relationships. We found extraordinary stories all over the world, each of them specific and special in its own way. All of those stories will be part of a documentary film we are making, called ‘Love Around The World’. In this film, we want to portray humanity through one of its greatest values – love.

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We will be traveling around the Europe in the next few months, so please reach out if you want to share your story with us.

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