completely alone in the greatest wasteland on Earth


without the delivery of food and equipment – he pulled all the equipment (130 kg) on a sled


without the use of external energy such as wind, dogs or a snowmobile

About the project

What does a person have to do to make their dream come true? In order to find a better answer to the question, Davor Rostuhar attempted a great challenge, a great exploration which led him to the very end of the world. He became the first Croat to walk from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole. The expedition lasted 47 days (Dec 1, 2017-January 17, 2018), during which he covered 1163 km alone, without food delivery, pulling all his equipment on a 135 kg sled, without the usage of external energy (wind, dogs, motor sled, etc). Davor spent two years preparing for the expedition. As part of the preparations, he visited traditional peoples living at the very north of the planet – the Inuit in northern Greenland, the Nenets in northern Siberia, the Saami in northern Scandinavia. He trained in Norway twice and learned from the best living polar explorers. He wrote “The Polar Dream”, a book about his feat, and filmed a documentary of the same name.

The book

South Pole Expedition Polar Dream Davor Rostuhar

Davor Rostuhar – Polar dream (ENG)

FROM THE BOOK This empty, monotonous landscape is a huge emotion amplifier. It’s all about me. I’m the only living thing out here, inside a radius of 200 kilometers. This white plain seems like one huge mirror that amplifies everything that I am and everything that is within me. [...] Is this march through the frozen desert one huge temptation for my faith, or is it one huge cleansing and f...

The Film