Sunken Castle – Limited Edition


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Sunken Castle

In order to present the most beautiful Trakošćan Castle in an unprecedented way, the author used fog, but this time he did not want the castle to emerge from the fog, but to have its border just above the castle – to see the castle and not the rest of the landscape. In this way, the Trakosćan Castle looks as if it is submerged underwater. He succeeded from the sixth attempt.

Limited Edition

A lot of effort has been invested in the ‘Croatia from Above’ project. Some of the photos were taken along the way, during research flights, but most of the photos were planned for special moments of light and meteorological conditions. Several of motives had to be pursued for a long time and dozens of hours of flight were spent on their creation. Some scenes were filmed over and over again, until the goal was achieved – a completely unique and unrepeatable photograph.

The Limited Edition Photographs were published in the magazine National Geographic Croatia, in a photomonograph, and were exhibited at the ‘National Geographic – Croatia from Above’ exhibition. To prevent over-reproduction, the motifs are not available for purchase by travel and photography agencies. They can only be obtained in a special, high-quality print, and the maximum reproduction is five pieces per photograph! Each photograph is signed and numbered, and on its back the author hand-printed the story of how it was created. The photograph comes with a certificate and confirmation that it will not be duplicated in more than five copies.

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