Davor Rostuhar and the Club for Expeditionism and Culture (KEK) are once again pushing the boundaries and creating something completely new, revolutionary and unprecedented in Croatia – a virtual reality cinema.

While producing our latest creative project on a hunting-gathering Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania, we thought about how we’d like to present this story to our audience. All of the projects by Davor Rostuhar and KEK are multimedia projects taking various forms, simultaneously presented through books, photo monographs, films, and lectures. Our projects are not just stories, they are whole multidimensional worlds that can be explored again and again. With the project “Hunters-gatherers,” we decided to venture into something new and explore the contemporary medium of virtual reality. During a 16 day team expedition to Tanzania, Davor Rostuhar made use of the highest quality VR technology to shoot the first Croatian VR documentary.

Knowing there is no VR cinema in Croatia where we could show this extraordinary film, we decided to create such a cinema ourselves! The first Croatian VR cinema is planned to open in November 2023 in the center of Zagreb.

KEK VR cinema will allow visitors to test the latest storytelling technologies and have a unique entertainment experience. Along with the first Croatian VR film produced by KEK, several world-famous VR documentaries selected by Davor Rostuhar will be played.

For the first time, the Club for Expeditionism and Culture will have its own space for realization of all the creative ideas! This unique place will gather travel lovers, adventurers, explorers, and all those who don’t dwell too much in the past, enjoy the present, and look to the future.

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