Davor Rostuhar – Love Around the World (EN)

Love Around the World
author: Davor Rostuhar


After Anđela and Davor married, they set out on a remarkable honeymoon—traveling for a year around the world while exploring love in a vast array of cultures. Their journey took them across six continents and 30 countries, from Bushmen in the African savanna to urban couples in the world’s biggest metropolises, from traditional polygamous harems to modern polyamorous communities, from hunter-gatherers deep in the Amazon rainforest to indigenous tribes on the idyllic shores of the Pacific, from those who have never found love to those who have, in love, found everything. They spoke with renowned scholars and, faced with daunting challenges, also analyzed their own relationship, all to discover the true nature of love and whether it is universal. What they came up with, in the words of editor Kruno Lokotar, is “a book that heals with love and aspires to heal love.”

This is a truly magnificent book—packed with touching and fascinating stories of love around the world. The people, the settings, their words: it’s elegant, authentic, charming and hopeful. And what an astonished achievement by the authors–to capture romance in so many corners of the globe.

– Dr. Helen Fisher

26,90  (202,68 kn)

An intimate essay, a travel diary and an ethnographic study – all in one, this book presents an inspirational exploration that takes readers on a passionate journey through different aspects of the meanings that love has in today’s world.

Love Around the World was the most selling book in Croatia in 2021, month after month, with over 13.000 copies sold! After people would buy it for themselves, they would often also buy it as a gift – for Valentine’s Day and birthdays, for newlyweds and for wedding anniversaries, for friends and family members. But Love Around the World also proved to be a valuable part of corporate gift packages and has been used as such by various corporations in Croatia.

Love Around the World is translated to Croatian, English, Serbian, and soon a German translation will be available.

On Goodreads, Love Around the World has a high rating of 4.62, making it one of the highest rated books in contemporary Croatian literature.

This book is a part of a larger project, which also resulted in a film that was the most viewed domestic film in Croatian theaters in 2021 and the third most viewed Croatian documentary ever. It also won numerous prizes, most of which have been Audience Awards.



English edition
400 pages
173 photographs
Dimensions: 24×17 cm


Love Around the World is also available as a Kindle e-book.



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