Davor Rostuhar – Polar dream (EN)

Polar Dream
author: Davor Rostuhar

Outside the windchill is -40°C. There isn’t another soul within 200 kilometers. And the goal, the South Pole, is still over a thousand kilometers away. All Davor has to do to give up is make a call on his satellite phone, then he can be rescued and returned to civilization, but if he does that, his dream of walking to the South Pole solo, unassisted and unsupported will be over.

This is the story of Davor Rostuhar’s 48 day trek to the South Pole. It is also a story about what it takes to make your dreams come true. In this book Davor explores how we can turn a vague aspiration into a reality? How we can keep going when faced with impossible odds? And what we learn about ourselves when placed in extreme conditions? Polar Dream is an inspirational story about passion, endurance, and what it takes to believe in yourself.

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This empty, monotonous landscape is a huge emotion amplifier. It’s all about me. I’m the only living thing out here, inside a radius of 200 kilometers. This white plain seems like one huge mirror that amplifies everything that I am and everything that is within me. […] Is this march through the frozen desert one huge temptation for my faith, or is it one huge cleansing and filtering of life’s illusions? Actually something has happened. This vast Antarctic emptiness is dismantling me to my basic components. It’s peeling from me all the layers of the stories that I thought had made me what I really am. 

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English edition
288 pages
96 photographs
Soft binding
Dimensions: 23×16 cm


Polar Dream is also available as a Kindle e-book.


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Dimenzije 23x16cm

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