Davor Rostuhar – The Journey’s Magic (EN)

The Journey’s Magic
author: Davor Rostuhar

In an era when tourism has become one of the biggest industries in the world, and when each year more than a billion people journey beyond the borders of their native countries, Davor Rostuhar searches for answers to several important questions: Why do we like to travel so much? How do our journeys change us? What impact, both positive and negative, does traveling have on our vulnerable planet?

The answers, the author finds, lie at the intersection of history, science, and lessons learned during a decade of globe-trotting. This book is in the realm of popular science as it is permeated by the perspectives on the phenomenon of travel offered by sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, and other scholars. ‘The Journey’s Magic’ is so deeply intimate and inspiring that a strong desire to set out to the Journey will overcome the reader. Nevertheless, the reader will stay in the comfort of their home and continue reading, realizing that the book itself – as the author says – is a big and unrepeatable journey. It is an adventure that will tell you how to travel more reasonably, more responsibly, and more sustainably. It will teach you to believe in miracles and the magic of the Journey, as well as how to join a quiet revolution of those who already travel in order to make the world a better place.

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FROM THE BOOK ‘The Journey’s Magic’

Why is freedom so closely related to travel? Because while on the road we free ourselves of the burdens of daily routine. In daily life we actually act according to numerous patterns, models. We are defined by routine. Day in, day out, we strengthen frames of thought and build our identity. When we finally go on a trip, and transplace ourselves, we leave the constrictions of these frames behind. At home we can be a nation’s president or a rock star, but when we find ourselves in a village in Africa where no one knows us, we can ask ourselves who we really are. Our daily routine often assigns us a whole series of necessities, and our decisions in daily life aren’t exclusively ours. On the road, however, each morning brings a new start and a new package of possibilities, and with each step we take and each decision we make, we shape our destiny.

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English edition
208 pages
Soft binding
Dimensions: 21×14 cm


The Journey’s Magic is also available as a Kindle e-book.


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