Davor Rostuhar – Hunter-Gatherers (EN)

author: Davor Rostuhar

The book ‘Hunter-Gatherers’ by author Davor Rostuhar is the newest publication by KEK.

From the time the genus Homo separated from other primates on the evolutionary tree two million years ago, until just a few thousand years ago, all humans were hunter-gatherers. Over this hunter-gatherer period, by far the longest for our species, our hardware and software evolved, and we became what we are today. To understand better what and who we are, for two centuries anthropologists have been visiting tribes still living as hunter-gatherers. But the pressure of globalization is enormous, and their world is rapidly disappearing.

Fascinated by the fact that several tribes continue to resist change, Davor Rostuhar visited one of these tribes—the Hadza—living in the “cradle of humankind” in East Africa, where our species originated. He visited them on two occasions, first in 2013, then returning ten years later. This allowed him not only to witness a very vibrant hunter-gatherer lifestyle but also to record major changes that threaten it.

Through this story about the last first people in the world, Rostuhar tells a broader story about humanity, about who we are, what we are, and where we’re going, asking whether we made a wrong turn somewhere and, if so, how we can return to the right path.

19,90  (149,94 kn)

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